On Carey Street

This was a limited-edition CD-EP, released to launch 391 back into the world of music.
391 have lain dormant since the mid 1980s, but are now back with a vengeance (and some up-to-date recording technology) to inspire fear and loathing in the hearts and minds of the bourgeoisie once again.

Each track is available here as a downloadable MP3:

The Bowels Of Bloody Hell (2:46)
391 stray into The Awful Truth's territory with this celebration of the work of the mighty Seth MacFarlane.

Circus Of Piety (4:14)
A Catholic mass, the Florestan choir, a Chinese orchestra and a didgeridoo collide in a nasty pile-up on the audio interstate. Call the Fire Brigade!

Tamagotchi Surgery (3:36)
391 take up their sledgehammers and dustbin lids for this homage to 80s Australian "industrial" musicians SPK.

On Carey Street (3:46)
391 fuse hip-hop beats with electronica to create a new music genre - Blip-hop, perchance?

Mondegreen (6:43)
An epic deconstruction of forty years of American popular music. 391 throw elements of The Surfaris, Alannah Miles and Creedence Clearwater Revival at a wall and see what sticks.

The above tracks also form the basis of Calculus For Goats, a collaboration between 391 and the New York-based avant-gardener christophilax. Learn more about christophilax and his world here.